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FAQ and Photo License

Pixervatory FAQ

  • 1. What is is a license photo search engine. was launched in June 2016 as an initiative of Pixeldemia Studio, located in Mexico City.

  • 2. Where they get these pictures and who their owners?

    Our system retrieves search professional quality photos with a specific license from various sources. We strive to show all information about photos and videos, including font, license type, dimensions, photographer, links to the original source and other important data. In pixervatory we are committed to improve and add more features to our search engine to benefit the user.

Photo License Questions

  • 1. I can use these images for my project?

    All images displayed on our site have a specific license. Before attempting to use these images is your responsibility to review the license agreement accompanying the photo on sites that host these images, just click on the photo to be sent to the original source.

  • 2. Why would anyone distribute your photos with a royalty-free license?

    Many photographers want to freely share their work with the public, under certain conditions, it is almost always his authorship is credited. By selecting a free license, photographers distribute their work while retaining certain specific rights over it.

  • 3. I can buy these images?

    In currently do not sell pictures, photos listed here can be purchased directly at the sites of our partners who have a catalog with millions of photographs for sale or royalty free for download.

  • 4. What about photos and videos where people, places of interest and trademarks appear?

    It is very important to understand this point. Normally a photographer can freely distribute their work, however, can not appropriate the rights of subjects that model. Subjects who appear in the photos or videos must have signed a contract where waive their image rights, and children must have a permission slip signed by their legal guardians. Unfortunately most of the photos with a royalty-free license do not have these releases that are required for commercial use, this means that these photographs where people or marks appear are not suitable for commercial use, it is advisable to try to contact the photographer before using royalty free where people appear (especially children) or marks before using them for commercial use.

  • 5. What is the legal risk of using royalty free photo?

    We can say that the higher the commercial use that is given to the photo or video is greater the potential risk. If you are doing an advertising campaign of great national or international scope, it is necessary to have the legal authorization of the subjects that appear in the photographs. For this reason we recommend you contact the photographer for more information and clarification.